Monday, 7 February 2011

Transvestite Bride Wedding Dress Free Video Re-Issue trailer for Transvestite Bride For A Day. Satine catches her brother eyeing up and touching her wedding dress which is carefully laid out on her bed. As a punishment for interfering with her wedding dress both her and Masie make him dress up in it for a day. Fully transformed with the dress, makeup and wig Peter is indeed A Bride For A Day. Available from

Lesbian Tranny Girlfriends Video presents a lesbian transgender fantasy, 'Girlfriends'. Rowena has been hiding a secret from her boyfriend. Rowena is gay and confesses this to her boyfriend. He will do anything to keep her. Rowena suggests that the only way they can stay together as a couple is by turning her boyfriend into her girlfriend. Lesbian transgender transformation story. To see the full film and tther transgender fantasy films for tranvestites visit

Transvestite in Party Dress 50s Style Free Video presents : Fifties Party Girl. Tim has has been invited to a vice-versa party. He doesn't want to go as this would mean having to dress as a woman. One his mother and sisters all find out they can't wait to help him transform himself into a glamourous 50's Party Girl.

Forced Crossdressing Video Free presents : Fashion Mannequin. Rowena is very angry at her brother Tim who has broken her mannequin tailors dummy. Rowena is in the middle of a very important fashion project for college, without the mannequin she can't finish off her dress. Rowena informs Tim that as he broke the mannequin he should stan-in for the tailors dummy and model the dress himself. Tim protests and calls his mother who instantly agrees with Rowena. Tims reluctant transformation begins.

Transvestite Bridesmaid Pantyhose Free Video Transgender presents Transvestite Bridesmaid. Satine, Maise, Rowena and Tania are all waiting for the bridesmaid to arrive to check the fitting of the bridesmaid dress. Her brother the driver arrives but no bridesmaid. As her brother is the perfect size for the dress he has to replace the real bridesmaid for the dress fitting.

Transvestite Gets Caught Dressing Video presents Spycam Girls. Kevin is caught on camera in the girls bedroom trying on their clothes. The girls have always suspected something was going on so Tania has installed a spy camera in her bedroom and remotely tunes into it with the other girls watching. The girls can't believe their luck when they catch him red handed. What is his punishment going to be I wonder?

Boy Turning into a Girl Medical Video Transgender Fantasy (Re-Issue Trailer) Re-release trailer for 'Turning into a Girl'. Wendy is very worried about her son James. James recently took a blood test at his local doctors surgery as he has started to look very feminine. Today Wendy and her son have an appointment with a gender specialist who will discuss the blood test results. To Wendy's horror James is alergic to testosterone and the only cure is for full feminisation to take place. Three pretty nurses are on hand to assist James in becoming a full time woman.

Transvestite Ballet Class Video presents 'White Swan' a Tranny Ballet Class. Rowena, Satine & Masie are in the middle of having their ballet class under the instruction of T. Peter the repair man enters the studio to fix one of the overhead lights. Peter sets up his ladder and starts to repair the light fixing, however he is more interested in the ballet class. The girls soon start to feel intimidated by Kevin's learing and giggling. T the dance instructer soon notices this and accuses Peter of making lewd gestures. The girls are very upset by his behaviour and together they decide to punish Peter by dressing him up as a ballet girl and making him take part in the class, which includes a lesson on 'Good Toes & Naughty Toes', or else.....