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Tranisa Film Review 50's Party Tranny Girl

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Fifties Party Girl. Tim has has been invited to a vice-versa party. He doesn't want to go as this would mean having to dress as a woman. One his mother and sisters all find out they can't wait to help him transform himself into a glamourous 50's Party Girl.
Starring Tania, Rowena, Lily & Paul. English language

Here is a review from Tiffany at The Adventures of Tiffany

Film Reviews: 1950's Party Girl by Tranisia
I'm going to be posting up some general film reviews from some of the sites that cater for this kind of thing... notably Tranisia and Lustomic and any others I come across

For the first review I watched 1950's Party Girl by Tranisia.

Firstly one can never have high expectations from movies that are so specialised that they are never going to have high production values or be able to convey any special meaning beyond that which it is intended.

That said I was very impressed with the quality of production. It is directed with a steady hand.. the acting whilst not oscar winning is perfectly acceptable and could be so much worse. I found the acting top be nicely believable and naturalistic to a point. There's much improv here and you can see the players trying to deliver lines authenticly but sometimes without giving enough thought with what they are saying - but we see this a lot in porn movies and whilst this film isn't porn per se there are similarities.

The film covers the transition of a young son who has been invited to a 'vice verca' party where the girls go as boys and the boys go as girls.

He is completely resistant to the idea and it is only through persuasion of his mum that he reluctantly agrees to being dressed for it by his younger sisters.

His sisters clearly love the opportunity to dress their brother up. And they find the most lovely 1950's party dress for him to attend the party.

For me this is the crux of the film and wouldn't work so much if it wasn't for the LOVELY dress he is put into. I would dearly love to be dressed in exactly the same way. The girls all love dressing him up and making him up and you can see that there is an element of genuine fun on their faces as the hapless boy who still resists..

And he IS a very pretty boy.. why didn't his sisters do this in the past I wonder? You would think that 2 lovely sisters with such a pretty brother would be making him up all the time lol.. but then I guess this isn't real is it?

He makes quite a passable girl and he has a lovely thin figure (yes I'm very jealous) that to an extent both adds to the enjoyment of the film but detracts from it because one cannot help but think that I SO wish I had his figure.

Once he is fully dressed and with a few walking lessons in the heels that is pretty much the end of the movie.

This is where the criticism begins. The fun in the piece is driven by his obvious emabressment and shame at being dressed for a party where all the boys will be dressed as girls. The fun is in thinking that absolutely none of the other boys will be made to where any of the underwear or level of makeup or such a lovely dress that he is wearing.. and so my main criticism is the film cuts too short..

We NEED to see his humiliation at the party.. we need the enjoyment of him being made to feel that he is girlier than any of the other boys and that he should be made to live a life in skirts from now on. It is the logical conclusion to this story.. that deep down his mother and sisters know that this is how he should be living his life.. as their lovely 'dress up doll' and so send him to the party made up to the 9's and use his humilating experience to dominate him into living permanently as a girl..

Maybe he goes to the party and is so convincing that one of the bitchy girls from his school thinks that hes now too much girl than boy and sees him in a whole new light.. and ends up setting him up on a date with one of the boys where he is forced to suck him off like a real girl.

How this would be written and performed I don't know.. but the film just leaves me wanting more.. to find out what happened to him at the party and his life after.

So.. in conclusion.. a very enjoyable film.. but it is nothing more than it is.. a slim boy dressed up as a girl for a party. If you are looking for forced femme or some real humiliating scenarios then this isn't it.. but if you are happy with just watching a young boy get dressed in a gloriously lovely dress and wig.. then I heartily recommend it.

Only one minor point however.. to the makers of this vid.. but those heels were truly awful.. such a pretty dress... and those heels? Really? They really ruined his image.. he needed proper spike peeptoes heels for that look and the heels he wore in this vid just looked odd to me. But this is a VERY minor point.

Tiffy xxx

Tranny Feminisation Hypnosis French Maid

Tranisa.Com presents : Adam is a scruffy slob living with his two sexy housemates Paige & Lara who are totally fed up with his poor personal hygiene, bad manners and lazyness that they decide to teach him a lesson and hopefully change him for the better. They drug his drink and drag him off to the bedroom for some Forced Feminisation. Paige also puts her hypnosis skills to good use by turning Adam into Anna.

Starring Lara Latex, Paige Turnah & Keith Shaw. English language

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Tranny Video Forced Crossdressing

Tranisa.Com presents Lara Latex & Paige Turnah have just arrived back from some serious retail therapy with lots of sexy lingerie. They are unpacking their purchases in the conservatory when their lodger walks in and comments on how uncomfortable lingerie must be to wear. Paige & Lara both convince him to see what it's really like to be dressed in silky undies with tight straps and stockings, completing the look with a silky dress and wrap.

Starring Paige Turnah, Lara Latex & Keith Shaw. English language

Tranisa Film Review

Transvestite Bridesmaid. Satine, Maise, Rowena and Tania are all waiting for the bridesmaid to arrive to check the fitting of the bridesmaid dress. Her brother the driver arrives but no bridesmaid. As her brother is the perfect size for the dress he has to replace the real bridesmaid for the dress fitting.

Starring Tania, Rowena, Satine, Masie and Peter. English language

A full independant review of this Tranisa tranny video can be found at:
The Adventures of Tiffany

"So I just watched Bridesmaid by Tranisia.

I must say it's pretty darn good.

I've watched a LOT of content like this for years and most of the time it is completely unbelievable and hammy.

But this is actually one of the most naturalistic feminisation vids I've ever seen.

Credit due to the actors and actresses. Particularly the young blonde with the blue alice band - she really adds to the humiliation of the protagonist and whilst actually none of this is forced or humiliating other than just plain embaressment - this girl plays the part so naturally.. she leads all the other actresses in the scenario and really dominates the scene brilliantly. Clever little actress.

This girl is really good and leads the cast. However all of the girls are really good and play their parts well. I found it a very naturalistic and believable scenario.

The film is simple scenario - one used many times in femme fiction - guy has to wear a bridesmaids dress so that dressmaker can take measurements however the girls get so carried away he ends up dressed fully as a woman including wig and everything.

It's good. Very natural and realistic. But.. that's also it's main fault. Like the Party Girl vid I reviewed earlier.. it lacks the 'conequences' element that we so love about this kind of stuff. The film is simply a boy being dressed up in a dress. It could be anyone.. and one does not get the sense he will now spend a life in dresses and skirts.. or the girls all figure out he really enjoyed this..

So while its a really good bit of feminisation film making - and I wholly recommend it to anyone who likes watching these type of films.. don't expect anything more than it is - a boy being dressed as a bridesmaid by some girls."

Transvestite Forced into Prostitution

George is a regular client at a high class brothel, he books his favourite girl but before the action can take place he asks her if he can pay next week as he is short of money, she gets very annoyed and calls the madam over. As they have lost the booked time they tell him he needs to pay for the time. They decide to make him into one of girls for one their clients who has unusual tastes.

Starring Jessica Pressley, Paige Turnah, Lara Latex, Tiff, T & Frank. English language. Available from Tranisa Tranny Video