Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tranisa Releases New Feminization Films

Tranisa have release three new forced feminization films. Each film is destined to become a classic in its own right.

First we have 'Bright Panties'

Samantha and Sapphire are relaxing in their bedroom wearing their finest lingerie. They have both just taken an IQ test and are very impressed with their results. Rory their lazy male housemate is soon invited to also take the test. Sapphire and Samantha are both convinced that women's IQ levels are higher than mens. Rory agrees to make a bet with the girls which he looses resulting in his full sissification.

The next film is the small penis and forced feminization fantasy 'Fuck It's Small.....'

Meet Rory he has a small problem. His penis is very, very small. He decides to visit his local medical centre to see if they can help. Sadly Dr. Sapphire and her assistant Samantha just find his predicament hilarious. They both decide the best way to help him is total feminization. A small penis humiliation and feminization fantasy. 

Do you fancy a holiday wearing your wife's clothing?

Samantha and her husband Rory are on holiday together to celebrate their anniversary. They have just arrived at their beautiful hotel suite but Rory's luggage has gone missing at the airport, only his wife's luggage is present. Rory has no change of clothes and is very upset. Sapphire, the hotel concierge, tries to help but is soon put off by Rory's attitude. Both the girls decide that the only way for Rory to enjoy the holiday is to wear his wifes clothes and be a woman. 

What people are saying about the new Tranisa films:

"I downloaded and watched all three of the films, they were nothing short of exceptional, I loved them totally. Sapphire looked astonishing in Bright Panties and I loved how she eventually said Rory had a small penis inHoliday in Panties and her pulling down his underpants a fantastic touch and she really got to see his willy so her comment that it was small was perfectly fitting. Oh and that accent was magic, I hope Sapphire and other girls will do more accents. Samantha is so sexy what a body and that face too she is very pretty and easy to understand love her actual accent and Sapphire's too.....I found the 'Fuck it's small.' genuinely funny i did laugh and the holiday one too, it makes me think you are very adept at the comedic side, obviously you do what you do brilliantly but I reckon more funny ones in the future would be great…… quite frankly these 3 films are some of your best yet……… it is fabulous."

Watch these exclusive interviews with both Samantha Alexandra and Sapphire Blue as they introduce the new films and talk about their day at Tranisa studios.

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