Sunday, 3 February 2013


New Tranisa release. Sexchange Experiment Camp. Here is the promo trailer. Enjoy.

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Eddie secretly visits sex clubs without his wife's knowledge but this new sex club is a little different and he soon finds himself drugged and taken off to a operating theatre to have breast implants by the domineering woman that run the club and hospital. On waking he has to accept that he will be transformed into a woman….. by force if necessary. Tranisa's most elaborate film so far, enjoy.


  1. I have some suggestions but include pregnancy, I hope will be useful for future videos, all suggestions are more than transformation that crossdresser:

    1) a guy spies on a group of pregnant women who meet clandestinely as a secret society , but is discovered and captured , then is put into a machine that transforms it into one of them

    2) three youngsters are abducted by aliens and turned into women to become pregnant after factory alien baby

    3) A man insults a woman pregnant but this turns out to be a witch who makes a pregnant woman to give a lesson

    4) a virus that turns men into women pregnant

    5 ) several guys go camping and entering a restricted area where there is a lake , and they get into it, not knowing it was a magic lake that turns men on pregnant women, these are out of the lake that no longer are men but women become pregnant and start to enjoy it.

    6) a man receives mail from unknown sources , this that when opened, displayed a video with hypnotic influence , it is a video that turns men into women pregnant , sees this and begins to feel the changes to become fully in a pregnant woman

    8) an archaeologist makes excavations at a temple of a goddess of fertility, and discover a figurine of the goddess , but this by touching it causes some reaction as if electrocuted , east to get home begins to feel discomfort , dizziness , nausea , this gets to bed to see if it would happen unrest , wake up the next day a woman become pregnant

    12) a young soldier enlisted in a sort of military project based on creating supersoldiers , but it turns out that this project makes candidates in pregnant women to give birth to babies supersoldiers

    13 ) 4 men volunteer in an experiment , the experiment is to make pregnant women volunteers to experience how it feels to pregnancy, but without giving birth , they get to choose 2 options back to its previous state or stay well , such as pregnant women choose to stay as they begin to enjoy it.

    17 ) was a scientist conducting an experiment with a chemical reaction they make ending in an explosion, the scientist survives the blast but is covered with a kind of purple substance , this comes home and takes a bath to remove the material , after bathing , feel kind of tired , and goes to bed to sleep , wake up the next day a woman become pregnant.

  2. 19) A man is kidnapped by a belly dancer, in revenge, because the man had insulted one of them, the man is taken to an Arab mansion, and then is put into a kind of room, as a kind of Arab bath with magical waters, these so immersed in the magical waters, and the water coming out is a woman become pregnant, such as dress and becomes the main attraction of belly dance show

    20) a pregnant woman becomes pregnant women to men by touching them as a kind of Midas touch

    22) a man comes to a hooters, and is served by a waitress pregnant, this is beginning to be mean, and the waitress is insulted, outraged her friends decide to teach him a lesson for his machismo, these drinks give a strange abode, will tell you that part of the house, this is the shot, then begins to feel ill, and toileting, begins to feel the effects of the drink and then passes out, awakening and realizes he is not a man, but that is converted into a pregnant woman as a waitress and the place ends

    24) a gas that turns men in pregnant women

    25) a man by a gypsy curse a woman becomes pregnant every full moon

  3. 26) a pregnant woman turns men into their clones by touching them

    28) three friends go in search of employment and who were unemployed, one day find a street sign that says, "employees are requested for a milk factory, available services and good pay" these go to the factory and learn that no cows but there are pregnant women, and also realize that pregnant women were men who were genetically transformed that pregnant women could not give birth and then were taken to a factory where they were extracted milk to them they had no choice but to join because they were desperate to find work, they join and then are transformed, after starting to enjoy his new life in the milk factory

    29) feminist pharmaceutical organization kidnaps man to experiment with turning them into women through genetic alteration, but this time a new project is to make men pregnant women

    30) a thief enters a museum to steal a purple diamond, next to diamond there is a curse inscription saying "who steal the diamond will become a pregnant woman," the thief ignores the curse takes the diamond, the thief will feel the effects of the curse, and feels like your body and mind begin to transform, being transformed into a pregnant woman

    31) a man who likes pregnant prostitutes ends up becoming one of them...

    32) a group of friends go to a nightclub, but this was not any club but makes your fantasy come true, one wanted to have a fantasy with pregnant, so the owner comes and tells them to pick fantasies, friends choose different fantasies, but the boy chooses the fantasy of the pregnant woman, so that the owner agrees, this snaps his fingers, and the boy opened his eyes, he realizes that it is not man but becomes their fantasy women who are pregnant and start to enjoy

    33) a pair of newlyweds live happily but can not have children, because the wife is sterile, they have tried everything to them, but the wife comes up with something, we transform her husband into a woman by magic and at the end of the transformation alone is autoinseminaria and would have a normal pregnancy, your idea is to tell the husband this is surprised by the idea, also reveals she's a witch, the husband accepts the idea of ​​the wife and they were desperate to have children and who had tried everything this woman makes and passes the self-insemination, to the last months of pregnancy the happy couple is expecting their first child

    35) gothic women kidnap a man and put it on an altar, by a ritual such as women become once transformed his belly begins to swell, a baby was forming, and a woman become pregnant, told them to be mother of the incarnation of the demon Lilith, and to forget his life as a man to protect the incarnation of Lilith and be guided by the gothic lifestyle

    36) a businessman lays off an employee that this was pregnant, she calls for the dismissal, and the businessman tells the clerk that goodbye because he felt like it, the clerk tells him angry not going to get away with it and throws a curse, the man says he does not believe in curses and runs his office, time after he begins to feel a kind of fatigue and this is going to his house, and takes to the bed to see if fatigue is removed and falls asleep, wakes up the next day a woman become pregnant

  4. 38) a young problematic is taken to a kind of academy to improve his character, but this to get to the academy to realize that there are no men but girls pregnant, think you got the wrong place but it is not, this to investigate there realizes that pregnant women were young problem being transformed by a kind of ray gun, it tries to escape from there, but is captured and taken to a kind of room where he was lightning, lightning shoot him, the young man begins to feel the effects of the transformation, being completely transformed into a girl pregnant

  5. 39) A man is kidnapped by some pregnant women, in revenge for the pregnant and had left, the man is strapped into a chair and injected with a substance them home, begins to feel like your body begins to feminize but also her belly starts to inflate like a woman being pregnant, they could not tell give birth and stay in that state permanently to learn to not leave women pregnant and the man tried to get used to her new look while will find a way and back to normal.

    40) a man receives a strange package of unknown origin, to Open it finds a strange medallion and places suddenly starts to feminize his body, after processing your belly begins to swell giving the appearance of a pregnant woman, is take it off, but can not, then find an anonymous note that says, "hope you enjoy your new look, as it will be well for the rest of your life," after the man tries to get used to her new look while finding how to take it off

    41) a man finds a strange mirror when I was cleaning the attic, he touches the mirror and this is absorbed, sending him an alternate universe in which he is a pregnant woman

    42) a scientist creates a machine to change appearance (not his mind), he gets into the machine to make the appearance of a handsome man (the scientist was nerd) to be popular with women, but the machine begins to fail and take the option of a pregnant woman, and this out of the machine takes on the appearance of a pregnant woman and the machine breaks down, the scientist must get used to her new look while this fixes the machine to return to normal

  6. if you can not hire a pregnant for these videos, I suggest you use fake bellies of pregnant or effect of inflation (belly expansion)